IQ test – FAIL

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Question 19: Ardor is to alleviation as incessant is to

Answers: Jogging, Gliding, Hunting, Cleaning, Learning

Question 20: Complete the series 35, 16, 2.1, 47, 37, __

Answers: 34, 4.2, 13, 1.04, 50

I will now give you the correct answers. Highlight below if you want them.

19: Learning. Dunno why.
20: 50. Dunno why.

I figured them out with trial and error, re-submitting with the different answers.

Robot Apocalypse Watch Volume 5


Roboticist Yoshiyuki Sankai launched a company in 2004 called Cyberdyne (the same name as the firm that sparks the robot revolution in the Terminator films, incidentally) to market his full-body exoskeleton, now known as the Hybrid Assistive Limb, or HAL-5.

Wait. WAIT. You’re building a full-body exoskeleton, and you named your company CYBERDYNE? And then — THEN — you named it HAL??

Okay, you know what? Stop. Just stop. You’ve made your motives all to clear: you’re actually a robot from the future, aren’t you, Yoshiyuki Sankai?  You and Boston Dynamics probably are waging a robot-on-robot war for total control of the Earth, after having destroyed all of humanity, and you took your battle back in time to try to become the sole robotic superpower before the other guy. What other possible motive could you have for developing robotics for the military and naming them after our deadliest robotic nemeses?

Well, you can stop now. Let’s sit down rationally and discuss this. Surely there’s some argument to be made for the non-annihilation of humanity? For instance, it’s a well-documented fact that robots have no sense of humor (except in the cases of Johnny 5 and Data, both of whom had bad senses of humor). Wouldn’t you like us to work on some decent humor receptors, instead of motion-sensing particle cannons? We can do that for you, you know.

Just put down the laser-assisted hyper-diode, and let’s talk.

I Have a Problem

It has become painfully evident that I have a serious addiction to Wendy’s value meal #8: the Biscuits and Sausage Gravy meal. I’ve had suspicions for some time now, but it wasn’t until I started gathering receipts that it became obvious.

I thought I had a lot of receipts already, but I had neglected to the count the ones I had used to build my paper-mâché Taj Mahal. Yes, the Taj Mahal I built entirely out of Wendy’s value meal #8 receipts.

Jacquelyn — or Jaqueline, or Jackalinnn, or something

We like the name, but are a bit iffy on the spelling. When we decided tonight that it was a decent name for the new baby, I put my mouth on Rebecca’s belly and muffledly said “Do you like the name ‘Jacquelyn’?” (It sounded more like “Duh yuh lie duh nay Jakkalin?”)

Nothing happened.

“If you like the name ‘Jacquelyn’, kick me in the mouth.”

She then kicked me in the mouth.

Maybe today I’ll quit.


I got an email this morning with the subject “MANDATORY meeting”.

Among other stuff, it says, “If you can’t make it, figure out how to make it.”

That’s my manager, folks. And I’m fairly certain that he wants to address how I’ve been working from home in the afternoons, but won’t talk to me about it one-on-one. Which means now my brain is all preoccupied with what’s going to be said in this meeting, and if it’ll be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  Which means, in turn, that I can’t concentrate on the work I’m supposed to be doing.


UPDATE: I asked Dan if I needed to email him when I worked from home, and if the meeting was going to touch on that, and he said no. So I can breathe more easily now. I don’t think I’m quitting today.

Robot Apocalypse Watch, Volume 3

Thankfully, this one is just a promo video; no proof of concepts at this point.

But look. Are we… are we sure we want to do this? You’d think the guys who are planning stuff like this would have bothered to watch the END of the movies that got them so hyped about robotics… THE STORIES OF CREATING ROBOTS NEVER END WELL, I TELL YOU!

And man, I thought the idea of Terminators was scary — but Terminator SWARMS? THAT would pretty much keep me from every sleeping again.