Works in Progress

As of this very moment (December 13, 2020), I’m working on a high fantasy YA novel about magic, deceit, and truth.


I’m currently seeking representation. Well, “seeking.” I need to finish writing something truly worthy of repping, you know what I’m sayin’?


I thought it might be interesting to show the log I’m keeping of story rejections. If you start submitting stories, for goodness’ sake, KEEP A RECORD. I just now (10/23/13) spared myself the embarrassment of double-submitting something. A year ago I submitted an earlier draft of this story, and when it got rejected I worked hard to rewrite it. Then I forgot about it for a few months… then I almost submitted it to them again. Whew. Keep a record.

Anyway, if you need consolation after getting rejected, here are my most recent rejections.

Tally as of 3/1/15 – 12 rejections, 1 purchase


Mugging Leprechauns is Totally Legal
, December 2011
A collection of tweets and cartoons, specially formulated to cause laughter in your face.

Novelizations (written for hire)

In 2002-2004 I wrote some novelizations based on the Halestorm movies The R.M. and The Home Teachers. Not great stuff, people. Not great. I was young and I needed the money, though, so get outta my face.

The R.M.
, 2002
A young man returns from his mission to find all his carefully-laid plans have gone awry.

The Home Teachers, 2004
A football-loving Sunday-only-Mormon is forced to serve by an overzealous companion.