Just ribbin’ ya

I woke up shortly before 3:00 AM — can’t really figure out why — but I haven’t been able to fall back asleep. I think the most likely culprit is the searing pain in my side and back.

“Searing” isn’t the right adjective, but it was the funniest. In truth, it hurts more like… like a really bad owie, I guess.

Anyway, I see a doctor finally tomorrow at 10:30. If nothing else he/she should be able to provide me a prescription that will make me forget all about broken ribs as I sleep. Thorgetitol, or something. (Get it? Thor = thoracic cavity, orgetitol = forget it all. HA! I’m awesomely funny. Just like when I fell down on stage and got this injury.)

I’ll think I’ll have a 4:00 AM Pop-Tart. I think that’s supposed to help rib pain.


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