Rib I Mistake

I was performing at ComedySportz on Saturday, and as part of my entrance to the stage (in the first of the evening’s two shows) I decided a pratfall would be funny.

This was a complete failure on the part of my brain.

I was leaning sideways away from another player, our bodies frozen solid for a moment, and when our grip was released I could’ve just stood, or I could’ve fallen less dramatically, but no. I decided what would be funniest would be to fall, body still frozen. This meant collapsing on my left arm, which decided to avoid breaking itself by shifting all the momentum into my ribcage.

When I started doing improv comedy, I was 18 years old, and 50 pounds lighter. In those days I probably could’ve handled the sudden application of all my body’s weight into a sudden blow to the side of my torso. Well, maybe.

In any case, I didn’t hear any loud crack or such, but the following 4 hours were quite unpleasant, ribcage-wise. My left side hurts not unlike the dickens — and getting to sleep proved quite difficult as well. If I press on my sternum, I can feel the pain in my ribs, which is about as amusing as it sounds.

It hurts pretty much nonstop, but there are no signs of bruising. I do want to see a doctor — if I have a broken bone, I want to know about it, even if they can’t do anything. (Though they could maybe prescribe pain medication.) I mean, the story is so vague and incomplete without knowing if the bone is broken or not. “I broke my rib and went on to play two ComedySportz shows” is a better story than “I got hurt real bad and went on to play two ComedySportz shows.”


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