More Matrix Terminator Battlestar Crossover stuff

Eh? Eh?

I can’t get this freakin’ thing out of my mind. First order of business would be to re-watch all the movies and figure out how to make the timelines and canon work together — I think it involves saying that the Animatrix was a series of propaganda films built by the Matrix to show Galactica the “truth”, although it’s complete falsehoods.

Then I’d need to BUY (or burn) all the films so I could grab screenshots. Then I just have to watch the films so many times that I know where to get the screenshots I need at a moment’s notice, and I could grab ’em, filter ’em to my faux-comic style (I saw other comic style tutorials out there, but this is the best I’ve been able to come up with), and I have my own illegal fan comic.



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