I bought a Wii off Ebay.

I did it — I broke down and paid 70% more than retail to get my hands on a Wii in time for Christmas.

It was a hasty decision, and had many things factoring into it.

  1. I wanted one, really badly.
  2. I was spending a lot of time calling stores, swinging by places, and considering standing in ludicrous lines.
  3. My time is worth a lot to me.

So I feel a hair sheepish, but so far no real regret. I want it, I paid what I think it’s worth. Maybe once it comes I’ll find that it’s not as fun as everybody says, or that my body can’t handle video games that are that active, or that it emits poison gas. But until then, I’m content with my decision.

Oh, $420 + free shipping, since you asked.

I’m feeling somewhat vindicated, too, by the fact that today they’re going for even more — closer to $500 with shipping. I bet the price continues to creep up over the next few days before the demand tapers off out of fear of not getting it in time for Christmas. The supply will probably dwindle somewhat — right now there’s one going every minute — and the anxious folks will get more so. I bet a console, by itself, will probably reach $575 – $600 with shipping as the average price range by Saturday.

Let’s see if I’m right!


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