Game Shows

Living in Los Angeles affords one a unique opportunity — to be on game shows. I was once on “Street Smarts” as a contestant, and I lost, quite badly. Sad, considering the incredible lack of skill required to succeed at that show.

To my surprise, last night as Rebecca and I were watching the brand-new game show “1 vs. 100” (which I think will make it through perhaps 6 episodes before being cancelled), I saw that one of the 100 opponents was a girl I had once kissed on stage at ComedySportz.

(Further backstory: she was someone I knew from work, who happened to be an audience volunteer one night when I was performing, and we were pressed into the kiss by the improv and my fellow players. Also, Rebecca was in the audience that night, and though we weren’t dating steadily, we had just been kissing perhaps an hour before, and she was so angered by the scene on stage that she left the show fuming.)

(Later, Dana Willard turned to the dark art of improv comedy herself, and we performed together in a show in Santa Clarita, near Los Angeles. We did not kiss this time.)

Anyway, Dana Willard — who was Dana Suman when we kissed, but who later married a guy from my mission–

(Do the coincidences ever cease? I submit that they do not.)

–got highlighted on the show, and she had to convince the actual contestant that she was right in her answer of a question. (She was wrong, however.)

She failed to convince the contestant, so she was booted from the 100, along with some others — I won’t give you more details about the show, which is doomed to cancellation, as I mentioned — and suffice it to say she could have won money, but did not.

So I lost on a game show, and a girl who had been chosen randomly from an audience but whom I knew from work, whom I kissed mere hours after kissing my later-to-be wife, and who later married a guy from my mission, and whom I ended up performing with in another comedy show in another state, also lost on a game show.

Even weirder when you consider that you can spell our names with the same letters!


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