Moving, Day 4

I found a credit union that’s part of my credit union’s union, or whatever, that opened at 8:30. So I was up bright and early, bought some donuts & milk for my boys, and dropped it off at their truck before hitting the bank.

I went to the door, only to find out that the 8:30 time was for the drive-thru window only. Okay, fine. I hop back in the car and pull around.

There is a large sign in the window — I can’t remember what exactly it said, but it was something to the tune of “No cash withdrawals greater than $600 at this window”, as well as “No cashier’s checks” and “Free kicks in the groin — ask our service reps inside”.

Greaaaat. Well, I was a few minutes early, so I had to sit there and pray… which worked. Sort of.

The teller opened the blinds at 8:30, and I proceeded to tell my sob story, how the movers were gonna charge me extra if they weren’t out by 10:00… (did I mention that? Yeah. True.) She pulled some strings, and got me a cashier’s check for the needed $2700.

I headed back to my boys, and the leader frowned when he saw the check. “No, it has to be a money order!”

Ah. Of course. Whereas everywhere else in the known world the phrase is “cashier’s check or money order”, and despite the fact that a cashier’s check CANNOT BOUNCE, he needed a money order. Okay, well, my fault. Back to the bank. At least now the lobby was open.

I waited for at least 15 minutes while the teller figured out how to cancel the cashier’s check. Then he needed to hit the vault to get my cash. I got to touch 27 $100 bills! I took a picture with my cell phone, but a)it’s crappy, and b)I can’t seem to email my pics to myself. Oh well. Just imagine a losing hand of Uno, and change all those colorful cards to benjamins, as they’re called.

Then I went to get the money order.

DID YOU KNOW: Check City can’t produce a 4-digit money order. Instead, she put together 4 3-digit money orders that totalled up to the right amount.

Back to the house. Thankfully, they’d already been moving, so we stood a chance of making that 10:00 deadline. I handed over the money order(s), and got out of their way.

Oh, our carefully labelled boxes — “kitchen”, “master bath”, etc.? Yeah, the movers don’t move boxes to the rooms they go in. No no. They put all the boxes in one central area.

But finally they finished. I gave them a tip for not charging me anything extra, and the driver said he would tell his boss I couldn’t afford the overnight fee. So there was a bright spot.

The rest of the day was a blur. But Monday night, we spent our first night in our new home, which was the very picture of perfection.

TOMORROW: Imperfection Galore


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