So, without divulging it here to the whole world — and I know that the whole world is reading my blog, despite what the number of hits says — I have an idea for cheap, fun toys for little girls. And the neat thing, I think, is that they get to paint them.

“But girls don’t paint their toys,” you say. “Boys do.”

EXACTLY. Girls, the generally-more-artistic gender, paint their faces, their nails, their friends — they’re a paint-loving bunch. Which is why a toy that would encourage creative painting would be such a hit.

The best part is that it’s cheap enough that I’ll be able to make a batch to show vendors (vendors’ buyers, rather) and then get a loan for big production plans once the sales orders are in.

I don’t need to sell the paints, I don’t think. Refer the girls to regular old model paints for that. Maybe get a check from Testor for recommending their paints.

Can’t wait til I’m a millionaire.


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