Raising the Bars

Ever get the feeling that the raise you received was a monetary form of imprisonment? You hear that CHA-CHING sound at same time as the KER-CHUNG sound of the bars locking in place, and wonder…

I expressed interest in a sales position here at my company, and even got some of the training tapes. Then the company decided on a new policy: you can’t apply for a new opening until you’ve been in your old one for one year.

Eeeeenteresting. Okay, so, they tried to soften the blow with an 8% raise. And it was nice to get, but the sales position might’ve meant as much as a 100% raise.

“Might’ve.” Here we have a bird in the hand worth two in the sales-quota sorta thing. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying they ain’t paying me what I’m worth yet. But then, I haven’t yet shown them what I’m worth, so I’m getting what I deserve.

Just not what I think I’m WORTH.


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