Stupid gut.

So I finally put some money into stocks. I wanted to get in before Amazon’s 4th quarter report, which I felt would be fantastic — Christmas season, more online sales each year, and I’m using it feverishly. I also put money into AAPL, GOOG, and EBAY. (Zero on diversification, okay, but I have my reasons for believing there’s even more growth for all those. And GOOG has come down so much lately that I think it’s gonna surge back up.)

Then the report came out.

24 hours later I had lost 4.5% of my total investment. YOWCH.

I mean, wow — rough first day. Where’s my beginner’s luck, eh? Hope I didn’t use that up on my NFLX insight last month.

It’s okay, though — I didn’t invest anything we can’t afford to lose entirely, and we have no debt to speak of. And I’m much happier losing money while trying to make some money than losing money to depreciation in a savings account. which is what it was doing before Thursday. Like, wouldn’t you rather endanger your health playing some sport than endanger your health with a sedentary lifestyle? (Says the guy who’s 35 pounds overweight and ate a dozen cookies last Tuesday night.)


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