Live from Westlake Village

Move went.

(In contrast to “move went well.”)

Well, that’s ungrateful of me. Truth be told, the move DID go well, thanks in part to Lauren Woodhouse, who babysat while Rebecca and I moved, and who also helped move stuff while I took the truck back to Santa Clarita. Rebecca and I had to kneel in prayer when all was said and done, because we were so grateful the move was completed in one day, within a variety of constraints, and despite our lack of better preparation.

Rebecca’s back in Santa Clarita today, while I’m trying to listen to conference via webcast here at the office. I mean the ACTUAL office, not some nice home office. I can’t sit still and listen while I’m sitting at my desk, though. I feel like I need to be using this keyboard. Hence this entry, I suppose.

Might have some more income incoming. More later.


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