Making your Kickstarter go KA-CHING (or cha-ching, whatever) on every new pledge

Hi Kickstarters. Want to make your browser say “Ka-ching!” every time you get a new pledge on your Kickstarter? Here’s some Javascript code that will do it. You’ll create a bookmark that you click while looking at the Kickstarter page. It won’t load a new page, but will silently load this code in the background. Silently, that is, until you get a new pledge.

Right click your bookmark bar and click ADD PAGE. Change the name of the page to “Ka-ching” or whatever. Then change the URL to this exact code:

javascript:var ching = document.createElement("AUDIO");ching.src="";document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0].appendChild(ching);var pl=document.getElementsByClassName("js-pledged")[0];var lastpledge=pl.innerHTML;setInterval(checkamount,1000);function checkamount(){if (pl.innerHTML != lastpledge) {;lastpledge = pl.innerHTML;}}

Now, when you’re looking at your Kickstarter page, click this bookmark button. And then wait. It’s fun!

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