Video Game Apathy

I’ve been suffering lately – yes, suffering – from Video Game Apathy. They don’t hold pleasure for me anymore. In fact, media as a whole seems to be sucking me in less than it used to. Movies, TV, books, even.

In short, I’m worried I’m getting Old™.

What does interest me, you ask? Crosswords, Wheel of Fortune, Agatha Christie novels–

Just kiddin’. What interests me now is creating. Writing, programming, drawing… putting stuff into the world instead of absorbing what’s been created.

I’m 6k words into a middle-grade novel that I’m really excited about, but which, as usual, I haven’t adequately outlined. We’ll see how that goes.


One thought on “Video Game Apathy

  1. Julie Reply

    You’re bored. Your brain has digested all those algorithms and it’s no longer firing up your pleasure centers in the brain.
    Take a break for a month then try a new game. Yw

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