I have a dream…

I dream of having sufficient wealth that I can put together an expedition of spammer-hunters. We would trace IP addresses, money trails, anything we could, until we found the bastards that are selling Cialis and Viagra — they go first — then the fake Rolex people.

We would find them, and break their legs with baseball bats. Or maybe their knees. I dunno. Maybe we would get lucky and find out that they’re also murderers, and we wouldn’t feel so bad just killing them outright. Or maybe we would cut off their hands! Yes! Leave them alive, but with injuries that would never heal.

I’m a little wary about the kind of folks who would go along on such a venture. I don’t trust crazy people. But it’s hard to find the right people for any position, so I guess you take what you can get.

In other news, I’m on a new medication! It’s supposed to act as a mood stabilizer. I think “anger” might be one of the side effects.

I also almost quit my job today when I heard some disparaging news — but I decided just to go home early.


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