Yen Ying Yang: Yet Another Prozac User Starts a Blog

They say when it rains, it pours. In my experience, it rains, then the rain dries up.

I got a $750 bonus from work, which was exciting, but then I saw how much taxes took out of it. THEN I saw that there was a previously unmentioned $850 “security deposit” required at our new apartments on move-in day.

No problem! I’m getting paid $1500 up front for the development of Singlesaints Japan!

Oh, but wait. The county of Los Angeles has decided that they were kidding when they said they’d pay for my meds for the past 9 months, and now I owe them $3300.

(Of course, they don’t CALL or anything. No no, they wait til I’m at the pharmacy, and have the poor PHARMACIST try to tell me why he won’t give me my refill for my DONTGOCRAZY-pills.)

(I didn’t kill anybody. despite the fact that I was running late to pick up the moving truck for tomorrow, and had left work at 3:15, and it was now 5:15, and the truck-place across town was closing at 6:00.)

(Oh, WHY did no one die? Because I had my medication today. Fortunately for the citizens of Los Angeles, I also have enough medication to last me into next week, by which time I hope to get this stuff resolved. From my new apartment in Ventura County. With the last of my precious, precious Prozac coursing through my veins.)

I think this was originally about how money comes and goes. Anyway, I don’t think we’ll have to pay the $3300, and I’m grateful that they didn’t just place a collection on me or something and screw up my credit right before I was trying to get approved for this apartment.

Also, I hit my all-time high weight of 186 lbs yesterday. I’d weigh myself right now after a big meal, but getting up from the chair makes my heart hurt.

Wish us luck on the move!


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