I subject you to a subject where “subject” is both a verb and an indirect object, but not the subjec

Ran out of room for my subject up there. Oh well.

  • Intel: I think it’s a misnomer to call our information on Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction “intel”. I mean, since we were wrong and all. I think a better name would be “stupi” or “ignor” or somesuch. Hmm. I have lots of words for ‘dumb’, but few for ‘wrong’.
  • People who think Bush tricked us: Seems that the folks who think Bush lied to get us into the war in Iraq are the same folks who think Bush is an idiot. Shouldn’t they be embarrassed by that fact? I mean, if he’s so dumb, how’d he manage to pull the wool over YOUR eyes? (I think he’s dumb, too, but I’m not sure he lied.)
  • iTunes vs Napster: Well, Rebecca got me an MP3 player/recorder for my birthday, and iTunes doesn’t have a voice recorder out, so the only option was iriver, a nifty device that refuses to play iTunes formats. Grr. I had to burn a CD, then rip it in Windows Media Player, before I could get the songs I purchased onto my portable device.
  • Vegas tomorrow: Man, I hope it goes well. I was looking at our company numbers today, and I don’t see how we can possibly pull off our goal this year. Well, I can see it, but it’ll be butt close. If we DO reach it, we’re all going to Hawaii next year. Unless our wives are pregnant, in which case I hope they have some other sort of gift in store for us.

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