So, I’ve been really excited about heading to Vegas next week for work. We’re putting on a mortgage industry seminar for about 1200 attendees, who paid anywhere from $800 to $1300, depending on when they registered.

I’m EXCITED about this trip. I’m EXCITED to be hob-nobbing with strangers, pitching other LoanToolbox products to them, and spending 14-hour days as a combination gopher, contest judge, salesman, and instructor.

So, uh, I’m pretty sure I must be manic. It’s not like I’m going on a vacation or something.

BUT… but what if I’m NOT? What if this phase I’ve considered hypo-mania (mania lite, basically) is actually just what most folks consider their baseline? And I’m just happening to be getting a dose? And that, once I’m properly medicated, I’ll feel that way all the time?

Just the kind of optimistic thing a hypomanic individual might say.

But maybe it’s just a bunch of positive things making me happy, eh? Bulleted list time!

  • My work is loved and appreciated at the office, and I’m a help to all departments
  • I got an email today stating that some guy here in town has a job opportunity for my programming skills that would beat my current salary, so I might be able to wave that card around soon and hope for a raise
  • The seminar will give me a chance to practice selling, something I think I can do quite well, and I’d like to have that skill in the future
  • I got colors and some minimal text features to work on, so that may be ready to launch soon, and it may mark the beginning of the sure-to-be-shortlived-but-lucrative Google-bombing-for-dollars industry, which I will take full advantage of (before Google changes their PageRank algorithm to account for my handiwork)
  • I’m making lots of great jokes at work, and even Rebecca laughed at a bit I made up yesterday
  • I got rid of that damn adware/virus thing I had on my computer
  • Lost is on tonight
  • They’re giving us all our meals next week, but they still gave us a $150 per diem

On the downside,

  • “per diem” does not mean I get $150 per day, as I thought before looking at the check.

So things are good.


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