Rick Perry’s Oops and Other Debate Blunders

Last night, on November 9, Rick Perry couldn’t seem to recall all three agencies he planned to dissolve if elected. Now, that’s pretty important information — especially, I suppose, if you work in one of them — but he handled the situation so poorly that both Kanye West and Mel Gibson were said to have winced.

But it’s important we don’t forget some of the other big blunders that have been made in the past. Let’s review, shall we?

  • In 1999, Al Gore, responding to a debate mediator that he was too dry to serve as Commander in Chief, preceded to shout “I’m a wild and cuh-razy guy,” and do his best impersonation of the famous Saturday Night Live characters played by Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd.
  • John F. Kennedy, in 1962, said he could dodge bullets.
  • In 1945, Franklin D. Roosevelt said he had served more terms as President than Jesus.
  • Speaking of Roosevelts, Teddy Roosevelt is known to have said “Bears never attack children.” Though this led to the Teddy Bear craze, millions of children were subsequently killed over the next decade from ursine maulings.
  • In 1983, Walter Mondale said he was going to name the hottest woman he could find to his VP slot. He then named Geraldine Ferraro.
  • Aaron Burr called Thomas Jefferson a “no-good Frenchie lover”. Though he later backpedaled saying he had meant “FLENCHIE lover,” he was unable to explain what that meant.
  • Sarah Palin.

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