Carefully Dividing My Brain in Half

I can’t do my day job effectively when I’m daydreaming about my dream job. I need to find a way to separate these personalities – the happy worker and the dreamy artist – and keep them hidden from each other.

At work, I need to be focused on performing well, getting the job done, seeing myself in the same company five years from now.

Then, secretly, at home, I need to be focused on achieving my dream job. Focused and WORKING. Not escaping with movies or video games, but working in a different direction.

They are working in different directions – so unless I can hide them from one another, both will feel fruitless. This means, first and foremost, no checking Twitter during the day. Don’t need anything breaking the spell that I’m a hard working, nose to the grindstone, shoulder to the wheel, upwardly mobile software engineer.

No taking notes on ideas. That’s the punishment for dwelling on them.

And maybe at work I’ll wear a tie.


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