Have You Ever Buttered An Oreo?

I’m disappointed, frankly. I don’t have any Oreos on hand to experiment with, but I’m fairly certain there’s a delicious (and, yes, deadly) concoction to be had in a buttered Oreo.

I googled to see if anyone else has tried this and reported on their results. First, I found one result (that wasn’t prefaced with "peanut" — I don’t want to know about peanut buttering an Oreo), and it was clearly concatenating the lines.

Then I tried the past tense, in case somebody related a story about it – no results.

Then I thought, maybe the Oreo would merit a definite article. If it’s an experiment, you’d probably use a singular, particular cookie. Still nothing, however.

Surely this has been tried. Why has no one documented the result? I don’t have any Oreos in my home at the moment, and I’m reluctant to buy some and thus break my diet, just for the sake of science. (Delicious, delicious science….) Perhaps it has only been tried in the boondocks, like Tennessee or Mississippi, where they don’t have access to the internet. 

If you, dear reader, have Oreos on hand, will you please, for the sake of science, try buttering* an Oreo? The world awaits your findings.

*If all you have is margarine, don’t bother. Nobody cares about your dumb margarine-Oreo experiment.


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