A Note to PCLaptops.com

Li’l sumthin’ I wrote to PCLaptops.com:

Wow, guys, you blew it. I’ve suffered through your hideous ads at Gold’s Gym for more than a year now, but when my laptop finally broke down I figured I’d give you guys a shot.

So I come to your website, where you have NO PRICES listed.

Does this really work for you? Your site exists only to belittle your competition, display grammatical and spelling errors galore, and express your love for us. You can actually make sales that way?

It’s bizarre to me that you’re in business, but whatever. Clearly you cater to the uneducated consumer, parting fools from their money.

In other news, I need a cheap laptop. My other laptop was stepped on by an adult member of our household who isn’t me — but I’m not gonna name names. Something when SNAP inside, and now it says it can’t find the hard drive.


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