Lots of Ways to Not Make a Lightbulb

So, here at work we have a Very Large Client who wants to use a certain technology to integrate with our product. They’re the customer; they’re always right.

The technology they use is not their own; right now I have a trial license letting me do SOME work, at least, on this integration — but it doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to.  It unworks. 

Unless the technology is supposed to make my eyes bleed sand.  I think I’ve hit that point recently. I can’t tell if it’s sand coming out of my tear ducts, though, because I can’t see anything anymore. Neat trick, though, if that was their intention. I couldn’t code something to do that.

ANYway, I’ve started grasping at straws. It may come down to my company needs to shell out $5k for a dev license for this third-party product, but I don’t much like that option. That’s more money than I make in a DAY.*

* [Cough]. A lot more.


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