Finally Sold the Mac

  The shame will likely forever haunt me: I tried to switch to Mac, and failed. 
  I’m not sure, but I believe that’s a first. Nobody I know has ever switched back, and nobody I know knows anybody who has switched back. Could I really be the first Mac-failure? Possibly. I haven’t found any support groups yet, so maybe I’m alone… alone but for the constant company of my deep, dark shame.
  On the bright side, at least I’m not using the idiotic Mac anymore.
  I’ve previously posted about the problems I had with my Mac. They were many-fold. It was really a combination of the hardware accessories (Mighty Mouse is the worst piece of hardware since… hmm… I’m gonna go with space shuttle Challenger’s O-rings*) and with Leopard.
  But now I’m free.  Right now I’m posting this from a cruddy laptop on which I installed Ubuntu, which isn’t exactly the best OS in the world, either, but at least it’s usable.
  And, shortly, I shall be more fully redeemed — my NEW computer is coming from this coming week.  It’ll be beautiful. It’ll be fast. It’ll run XP. It’ll mean I recouped $1400 from the Mac. (Though there’s still a hefty loss.)
  And perhaps ironically, my first task will be to restore all the backup data I have saved… using the hard drive on my iPod.

* Too soon? Perhaps, as long as there are people alive who knew people on the shuttle.  But a Titanic or Hindenberg reference seemed too cliche, so I went with the O-ring. Maybe that was a mistake.**

** It certainly was for Challenger.


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