Robot Apocalypse Watch, Volume 9

From an article last year about the future of artificial intelligence:

Although Hollywood often likes to present us with a world full of self-aware and destructive robots in the style of I Robot, this is not the way the science of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is headed, says British Computer Society President and ECS Professor of Artificial Intelligence Nigel Shadbolt.


But, concludes Professor Shadbolt: ‘You don’t need to worry about the robot next door deciding to make a bid for world domination!’

LIKELY story, “Professor” Shadbolt.  Funny, there are some facts missing from your little report:

  • When was your last physical?
  • How come there is no record, in any online database, of you ever bleeding?
  • Why so interested in defending the robots, if they’re not self-aware and thus don’t need defending?

I’m watching you, “Professor”. 

P.S. Shadbolt? It’s like you’re not even trying to invent a real-sounding name.


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