Leopard-Rights Activists

I’ve had more than a couple people upset that I abandoned Leopard for XP. Some have even had suggestions about solutions to some of my list of top 10 reasons I hated my Mac, though most everybody conceded that it’s not as easy as the Mac commercials make it out to be. And a few of the reasons nobody had answers for.

And upon peering with a bit better light, I did see a pinhole in my DVD drive — just not in the usual place, and hard to spot when holding open the sliding cover. I had to be standing, too… anyway, my bad. It was hard to see straight when I was already livid.

Since my return to XP, though, my blood pressure has gone down significantly. I slept last night quite easily, and the tulips in our front yard have started to bloom. My wife baked brownies, KFC got our order right (well, no, they didn’t, but Rebecca had wisely gone inside this time to make sure it was right, and when it wasn’t, they corrected it), and the weather outside has been about perfect.  I know I can’t reasonably attribute these things to installing XP, but I’m not willing to rule it out, either.

I still have no plans to ever touch Vista, however.

I did have one problem with XP — when I tried to install the 1993 MS-DOS game Return to Zork. I was able to get the sound and video bits working, but the mouse seems to trip up and think it has reached the screen edge when it hasn’t, stopping in the middle of the screen. But I’m not going to fault XP for that. I have a shelf full of modern games that will run error-free, and that sit there smiling down on me, glad for my return.

I missed you, too, fellas.


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