As my friends well know, my life has been spent seeking out a regular source of GOOD biscuits & gravy. All other activities have been secondary to this one pursuit.

Today I tried Wendy’s biscuits & gravy, and I’m pleased to announce that my search is over. They’re great.

For some reason, biscuits & gravy is one of the easiest dishes to screw up — I’ve too often found myself struggling through a plate of bland goop and hard biscuits, and wondered if the uncommon sources — real restaurants, I’m talking about, that you can’t afford to visit daily — had some patent on the good stuff.

But no. Wendy’s, a simple fast food joint, has achieved what I worried was impossible. They have good biscuits & gravy.

Now, not every palate is the same; for me, they’re great, but I can see how someone else would think they’re too peppery. No, they’re not perfect, but yes, they are sufficient. I will have them again, I assure you.

[UPDATE: Today I had them for the fourth consecutive day. Tomorrow is Sunday, so that’ll break my streak, probably for my own arteries’ good.]


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