The End of Obama’s Run

“I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

Thus ends Senator Obama’s run.

I was actually considering voting for Obama, though I disagree with almost every position he takes a stand on.

I was very pro-Romney, even organizing for his campaign and helping to raise funds. When he dropped out, I thought that perhaps a leader that the people like, even if his policies are wrong, might be better than a leader people dislike, though his policies be right. If the general is saying we need to charge that hill up ahead, and I know it’s the wrong choice, it STILL might be better to succeed — assuming the direction isn’t actually directly opposite.

Here, however, he has shown himself to be in direct opposition to core values about the gift that every child — EVERY child — is to the world. If a mother can’t support a child, let her give it up for adoption to the willing family that hungers for a new child.

I really was considering voting for a liberal, because I thought he was a good man. Maybe he still IS a good man, but until he realizes his mistake, there’s no way he’s going to get my vote.

I want everyone to know what he said.  I will now fight to make sure he is not elected.


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