John McCain Died

John McCain didn’t die.

But I had this dream last night that he did. Oh, man, what a mess he made of the political race. In my dream it had only just barely happened, and Republican contenders were still sitting on their hands, trying to show the deceased some respect before jumping back into the race. I have no idea how things would work with delegates and such if McCain really died right now, but I think it’s fair to say that it would be a crazy, craaaazy mess.

In a way it’d be a godsend for the Republican party, as so many of the big names on the right are condemning McCain, and touting Hillary as their candidate of choice over the Arizona senator. It seems like almost any name would be an improvement right now, as so many Republicans are seeing the unelectability of McCain.

I think Obama is our next president. 

I wonder what would happen if Obama invited McCain to debate, before he has secured the ticket?  Can you imagine flying in the face of Clinton like that? I’m sure there are probably party rules that forbid that sort of thing, but wouldn’t it be fun to watch the fur fly?


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