Damn You Brandon Sanderson!

I’m not big on reading authors I’m not familiar with, and I’ve never really gotten into the fantasy genre, but I borrowed the book Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson last week, and he’s now on my “favorite author” list. I just finished the second one in the series (The Well of Ascension), and it’s great, too. I’m apprehensive about picking up anything else of his, out of fear I’ll be let down.

But that’s a good thing. See, if I don’t pick up another book, I can start SLEEPING AGAIN. I have only been able to get sleep out of sheer force of will, putting the book down at 2:00 AM and ruefully counting how many pages I still have left. Well, semi-ruefully. I enjoy the books, so I don’t want the stories to end, but seriously, I need to SLEEP.

I think I need to stop reading books in general. The time commitment is too great, the addiction too powerful. I vaguely recall that I have a family I need to spend some time with. Whom. With whom I recall time spending needs. Aw, crap.

Anyway, if you enjoy sci-fi/fantasy AT ALL, you need to pick up Mistborn. Preferably on a Friday before a three-day weekend.


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