Another Five-Year-Old’s Joke

Our five-year-old is obsessed with trying to make jokes, as I’ve mentioned before. She managed to tell one recently that she had heard on TV:

“Why did the bee get married?”
“Because he found his honey!”

Pretty good, compared to most of the stuff she tells. I mean, it has a punchline. Usually she just asks a question and makes up an answer, and that’s the joke. “Why did the light wear pants?….Because it was made of metal!”

Yeah, she’s working on her act.

But she told another one that confused me. Either she heard it, and it was a decent joke, or she heard it and messed it up, MAKING it a decent joke, or else she made it up altogether:

“What do bears call their feet?”

You can see the punchline coming from a mile away. This is going to be a hilarious punchline for a five year-old. You can’t wait. “I don’t know, what?”



You were thinking “bare feet,” but no. “Socks.”  That made me laugh — I guess because it was as random as her other jokes, but at least this one made you THINK you were getting a punchline.

We tried to explain how jokes like those have to have two meanings, like the honey one… no good. I’m raising a comedian, and she’s terrible. Just terrible.


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