Does weight loss cause frequent urination?

That’s today’s question — does losing weight make you pee more? The answer, I think, is a resounding YES. (It resounds in the echoey bathroom where you’re peeing and weighing yourself.)

As part of my diet/exercise regimen I began in January, I’ve been weighing myself daily before my shower.  I started at about 195 mid-January, and yesterday I was 190, which I’ve been hovering at for a while. A MONTH to lose 5 pounds. I was starting to get a bit discouraged. But I was committed — if it took 6 months to lose 30 pounds, then, well, the 6 months is going to come whether or not I diet and exercise, so I was going to keep it up.

Then, every hour or so yesterday, I had to pee. I mean I HAD TO GO. Yeah, I’m drinking water during the day, but still — this was plenty o’ wee-wee.  And I ate well enough, I think — oatmeal and a protein shake in the morning, couple protein bars mid-morning, FIVE tacos at lunch, a small chicken breast and rice at dinner, and then a glass of no-sugar-added Nesquik chocolate milk. 

This morning I was down by 2.4 pounds.  187.6!  Pretty awesome to see that much come off in one day. 

I tried Googling it to see if weight loss can cause frequent urination, but nothing really came up, so I thought I’d post about it here.

When I tried Atkins, I would pee a lot, too, and sure enough the pounds came off quickly.  But they went right back on quickly, too — the water-weight effect.  I think crash diets work by helping you shed water weight, but not really “burning the fat” — whatever that means.  In this case, though, I was working out hard, putting on muscle, I’m certain, while burning some fat, so the weight loss wasn’t as dramatic.  I mean, muscle is heavier than fat, so it makes sense that the initial weight loss would be slow… at least at my body fat level. (I weighed 155 when I got married — you do the math.)

So then, yesterday, I think my body finally realized it didn’t need some of this water it’d been toting around, and it started coming off fast. I’m hoping the process will continue for another day or two, until I reach the next plateau where the weight loss is much slower. 

It’s encouraging to see a sudden drop-off; here’s to hoping it STAYS off.

[UPDATE: It didn’t stay off. This morning I was back up to 190.2.  Fooey! All that energy theorizing and blogging it for naught!]


2 thoughts on “Does weight loss cause frequent urination?

  1. Julie Reply

    I’m going they this too but mostly at night .
    1 time was my max for at- nite bathroom interruptions.
    I got diagnosed wi breast cancer 2 weeks ago and my boss said “No sugar, no soy…”. His wife had been they cancer so he knows…
    Sure enough within 4 days of abandoning every sugar and soy product in my life (& I mean ALL OF IT), I was peeing every night 3-5 x !!!! Probably a number of reasons for it. Your body is getting plenty of water now, and that signals your endocrine and other hormone systems to release water weight because there’s plenty of it around. It’ll stop eventually that’s the good news!!!

  2. Greg Haub Reply

    I have been taking an appetite suppressant, phrenredrmine (sp?). Already was on b/p meds( Atenolol) and water pill. Before diet pill, I would maybe get up once a night to urinate, but now at about 4 times per night. I am also drinking a lot more water than before, maybe 3-4 16oz glasses per day. Have no abdominal pain, urine looks clear to light yellow. Not sure, if anything I should do?

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