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I sent the first 25,000 words of a story I’m writing to my friend Dave Foules.

[09:21] Dave Foules: you there?
[09:21] Randy Tayler: yessah
[09:21] Dave Foules: so here’s the deal, k…
[09:21] Dave Foules: and i mean this in the nicest way
[09:21] Randy Tayler: lol
[09:21] Dave Foules: you are a way better writer than you are a comedian
[09:22] Randy Tayler: AWESOME!
[09:22] Randy Tayler: woo hoo!
[09:22] Dave Foules: i’m through only ch 1
[09:22] Dave Foules: but you’ve got great attention to detail
[09:22] Dave Foules: you succeed in putting the reader inside the mind/emotions of the main character
[09:22] Randy Tayler: Oh, that’s great to hear
[09:28] Randy Tayler: I think the best genre definition is “psychological thriller”
[09:28] Dave Foules: cool
[09:28] Dave Foules: so it’s not sci-fi or anything? he won’t develop powers?
[09:29] Randy Tayler: weeeeeellllll…..
[09:29] Dave Foules: k don’t tell me
[09:29] Dave Foules: i’d rather be surprised anywy

So THAT was awesome. Rebecca finished reading it last night and was astounded it was “so good”, which is spectacular to hear. 

I’d told Dave that I can’t abide my day job, programming in PHP and whatnot, and he said today “you need to program as long as you can to fund this but you need to go after the writing thing.” It was a relief to hear that too — that’s pretty much what I’m planning on. I have a business trip to San Jose next week to meet with Yahoo! about a contract job they have, and I’m NOT excited. I thought maybe I should quit now rather than take this little job, because I was at my limit, and the longer I stayed with the day job, the longer I’d be away from my dream job. 

(“But Yahoo! looks so good on a resumé!” folks suggest. But I don’t want to write resumés. I want to write novels.)

But I’m going to do this Yahoo! gig, and then we’ll see. It may mean another couple months of programming — maybe more — and by then the story’s first draft should be finished. I’d love it if the story got to novel-length, but in the end it may just be a long short story. If it reaches novel-length, I’ll look for a reputable agent; otherwise I’ll shoot it off to Analog magazine, I guess. It may not be quite sci-fi enough for them, but we’ll see.

(Have I thought about the possibility of sequels? Yes. A movie? Yes. A videogame with really unique gameplay and puzzles? Yes. Am I getting ahead of myself? Perhaps a teensy bit.)



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