On my first day at the gym…

I went to Gold’s for the first time today. (Rebecca got me a membership and a personal trainer for Christmas. [At my request.] [With my money.])

My goal — well, I have two levels of goals. One is the definite goal, and one is the dream-goal. The definite goal is to lose 30 pounds. That’ll bring me back down to 165. I presume it will also drastically lower my cholesterol, but that’s something to check. (I was at about 250 last time I had it checked.) I also want to be in good enough shape that playing with my 4-year old for five minutes doesn’t leave me winded.

The DREAM-goal is to lose an additional 10, getting back down to 155.

The trainer is cool. Older guy, maybe late 40s. We went over a lot of stuff, then worked on some machines. The big thing I noticed, and kind of expected, was that you work a lot harder when you have somebody else telling you “Keep going…. just onnne more….”

When I left, I felt like eating healthy. It was a weird sensation. I went home to shower and get breakfast, but we didn’t actually HAVE anything healthy, so I ate four Eggos instead.

Then I brought some chocolate chip cookies with me to work, along with the leftover pizza I bagged for my lunch.

…I maaaay have to work on the ol’ diet some.

P.S. There’s also an utter fantasy goal, which is to get in such amazing shape that I can get past the first course on “Ninja Warrior”, a competition gameshow thing on the G4 network.


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