New Improv Game. Or Maybe Not.

Is there a game called “Good News Bad News”? Or something like that? Where either the ref calls out what news a character has to share, or else the players just have to progressively give better and better good news while still giving worse and worse bad news?

That should be a game.

“Johnson! I have some good news and some bad news. Good news is I want to make you a full partner in the company. Love your work. Bad news is I totalled your car in the parking lot just now.”

“Well boss, it’s a good thing I have such great car insurance. I’ll be able to collect a fortune for the accident.  It’s too bad I was getting ready to take your dog Horace to get groomed — did he survive?”

“Miraculously, yes, my dog was protected by the airbags.  Oh no! Look! He’s attacking that old lady!”

“Wait! That old lady is the Granny Bank Robber! He caught the FBI’s Most Wanted! But… that means… she’s gonna turn ME in as an accomplice! Because I drove the getaway car — which also invalidates my insurance policy!”

Might end up being too talky, no doing-stuff-ey.  The rules would have to be first thing said is Good News, last thing said is Bad News. You could do actions as you talk, or in between. 

Maybe this game already exists.


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