New Rule: No Drawing

I can’t believe that I’m a lousy artist. I mean, it’s just a matter of DRAWING something, right? My 4-year old can DRAW.

I can’t stand the way my stuff turns out. It’s like… I dunno. 

Oh, wait. I resized the head, and now it looks way better.

So, what I’m doing here — well, it’s complicated. But suffice it to say I’m trying to create a human character in Flash that can be tweaked easily to become an alien, a cyborg, an android, or whatever. Here’s what we have so far.

See? What a great starfield I made!


ANYway, I can easily tweak him to be a cyborg, or maybe do something to show he’s an android. (You don’t know the difference? For SHAME! Cyborgs are humans that have been given mechanical parts. Androids are robots made to look like humans.) (The Borg are cyborgs, Data is an android.)

I can also tweak him to have different facial expressions. Then I only need two dozen more of these. *sigh* 

My Indian name would be Dances With Projects He Never Finishes.


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