Oh, and this story. Er, few paragraphs

I also found this start-to-a-story that made me laugh.

            There aren’t a lot of good reasons to enter the sewers, and sparse as they are, Chester had none.  He had some bad reasons, which, by his standards, were good enough.

            It was about 7:00 in the morning when Chester came to an open manhole.  He’d always wondered what it was like “down there,” and saw a convenient ladder descending into the darkness below.  So, curiosity ablaze in his heart like an Arizona brushfire, he carefully stepped down inside, and so began his greatest adventure ever.

            Greater, even, than his sixth grade visit to the girls’ bathroom.

            Greater, in fact, than his accident at the zoo in the primate compound.

            Even greater, and this is absolutely true, than when he fell from a hot-air balloon and landed on another balloon inflating on the ground below, inadvertently starting a brushfire in the Phoenix City Park.


That’s all there is. But that last line really surprised me. Shame that the simile that sets it up is so awkward.


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