So, at Thanksgiving Point — in some garden area waaaay far away from the freeway — you can rent a Segway for an hour for $15.  It’s… pretty dang nifty.  I thought I’d be able to hop right on and have no problem, but it really is very sensitive, and took some getting used to.

Rebecca and I cruised around the gorgeous gardens they have there, even cruising onto some gravel paths and through a narrow hedge maze.  It’s VERY nice to not have to hike up and down all the hills there.  I think I’ve mentioned in the past that physical activity is not my strong suit.  Add that to the heat from the sun beating down, and no amount of floral beauty can make the trip fun. 

But SEGWAYS, baby! Woo hoo! Now THAT’S how to stroll through a garden!

Pedestrians — and man, pedestrians sure seemed pedestrian when we zipped by on our hoverboards speederbikes Segways — didn’t seem to enthralled at our presence. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Thanksgiving Point abandoned the Segway rentals in less than a year. I think there will be complaints from people who have a hard time appreciating nature with zippy little pieces of technology nearby.

Then again, if the program makes money, who knows.

1 Segway = $5200
1 rental = $15/hr
Total (rented) hours to pay for the Segway, minus electriticy = 347
Total 8-hour days = 44

So after 44 days, plus some to pay for the electricity, you’re pure profit. Not bad.


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