Sometimes the Snow Comes Down in June

Yes. Sometimes the snow DOES come down in June. Right in the middle of your SUMMER VACATION.

I guess that’s the risk you run with a mountain resort. Oh well. Didn’t affect the kids much, so I won’t complain.

I do have one complaint about Aspen Grove: it’s BORING.

There are lectures for adults, but it’d be nice to have LOTS of lectures to choose from, like a convention. And there are hikes you can go on, but man, I’ve had a hard enough time getting around CAMP. I don’t need to exert myself any more when I’m trying to relax.  And all the other activities are sports of one kind or another.  No horseback riding, which I could’ve gotten into.

I did the ropes course, and was pleased with how I did. Sorta redeemed myself from when I did the same course at age 18, and was much more slow than I thought I would be.  (It’s not much of a story.)

The other weird thing, besides June snowfall, was that the family of the camp directors was here this week. They all had staff positions when I worked here 14 years ago, and now we coincidentally ended up as guests the same week.  

Well, that’s not the really weird thing.  The really weird thing is that when I was here at 18, I was flirting very heavily with the directors’ 15-year old daughter.  We very nearly kissed — it was nothing short of a Herculean effort on my part to NOT kiss her, and I still count it as one of my successes resisting temptation, the temptation to just make out for the thrill regardless of the impossibility of any real relationship.

Well, so, she’s here, with her husband and kids, and it’s AWKWARD. Like, whew. She just seemed… I dunno. Not-wanting-to-talk-to-me. I think at first she didn’t recognize me, and I can hardly blame, cuz *I* don’t recognize myself in old photos. They were 50+ pounds ago, and 50,000 hairs.  So, yeah. 

I just want to ask her if there’s anything I should be apologizing for, but whatever. I think it’s just run-of-the-mill awkwardness.

Fourteen years. Holy schamoli. 

So, yeah. Our next family vacation will be someplace better suited to mine and Rebecca’s preferences.  We want to just go be entertained for a week. I think we might dig a convention of some sort, like ComicCon, if there wasn’t so much walking.  Maybe just a week in Vegas catching all the shows and living uber-posh.  

Mmmmm…. poshhhhh.


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