I so smart.

I’ve learned how to properly vacation. It involves almost excessive amounts of comfort. 

We’re in Aspen Grove Family Camp this week, nestled high above Sundance on the back side of Mount Timpanogos. It’s gorgeous, to say the least. The weather is great, Rebecca and the girls are loving it, and so far (we’re on hour 30 or so now) it’s been great.

It could’ve been a disaster.

Rebecca was not aware that we were set to be in cabins with a community bathroom. I’m not sure HOW she failed to catch that, but I think it has something to do with the fact that she never visited the website or read the brochure. She just sorta took my word that we were in for a fun week.

Well, as we were registering at the front desk yesterday, I overheard somebody saying something about upgrading your room to a hotel suite. 

“How much is that?” I asked the desk clerk.

[The answer was about  12.5 hours at my salary.]

So, for 2 days’ labor, we would go from staying in tiny A-frame cabins, probably 100 yards and at least 3 flights of stairs up and down the hillsides, to an air-conditioned room with our own bathroom, tub and all.

The kids helped make it a very easy decision. We plopped that money down faster than you can say “cabin ticks”.

I showed Rebecca the cabins we’d originally been set for. She was very grateful.

So here’s the realization: some folks are great with ‘roughing it’.  Me, I want my vacations to be treats. I want to indulge my lazy side, my gluttonous side, my wussy-let’s-get-inside-to-some-air-conditioning side.

Granted, I indulge those on a daily basis, but now I can do it without feeling guilty.

Don’t get me wrong; we’ll be enjoying the great outdoors. But it’s so much easier to enjoy it when you know you can come inside and wash it off once it gets uncomfortable.


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