Singlesaints 4.0 Beta almost ready…

Woo hoo! The new site is soooo close! Yesterday I built a pretty decent feed-reader for users’ home pages, and a page to manage feeds. Still choking a bit on CDATA tags in feeds (I’m looking at YOU, Eric D. Snider), but otherwise it’s coming right along.

Some stuff that I still would like to add before launch:

  • Security checks for form submissions. Yikes!
  • Saved searches
  • Recent new results for your saved searches on your home page
  • WYSIWYG editor for various form submissions
  • All the ad code, and a decent ad-rotater

Other stuff that I need to add eventually:

  • Classified ads
  • Favorites list for books & movies, with links to Amazon with Singlesaints referral code
  • Wish list links — we’ll see if I can get a referral code in there, too
  • Profile page & home page templates — so users can customize their profile and home page
  • Group mailer — ability to email all your friends at once
  • Export mail as a .csv; perhaps even filtered to a single user
  • Group creation, a la Yahoo Groups
  • Oooooh — I could register and let the site subscribe to Yahoo Groups from a Singlesaints Group. Wonder what that would take.
  • Moderator nomination, election
  • Support desk

But we’re close! Yay! I think the new site will be extremely nifty.  And my off-the-cuff estimate is that traffic triples.

If it DOESN’T… hoo boy. That would be most unfortunate. Would have to reevaluate everything at that point.


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