I don’t know what it is exactly about my current project at work (read: home, where I work), but I’m having the hardest time WORKING on it. I get in a few good hours each day, but that’s just not enough to get me to my deadline on time.

I asked the CEO for a pep-talk last week, and he restored my faith in the viability of the company, but I’m still struggling here.

For example, I’m posting to my blog instead of working. After having taken a break for lunch. Which followed my midday nap.

I tend to work later in the evenings to try to compensate, but I really just need to grab ALL the other developers and brain-dump.

Better still would be to delegate. But, uh, I’m not in a position to delegate. So I guess it would be more like off-loading, passing the buck, dropping the ball (and hoping somebody catches it), or some other catchy (HA!) phrase.

Okay. Rant over; heading back to the grindstone.


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