More support of my Lost-nanites theory… is where I started my theories on Lost’s Nanite Island.

Now then! Let us consider the death of Ruskie One-Eye, and his surprising return.

He didn’t die — but it killed the nanites in him. Oh, what a mess that made of him.

He said “Thank you” — not because he was dying necessarily, but because he was finally freed from the nanites!

Some folks get innoculated to the nanites that live outside the Others’ compound. Ben and Claire were able to visit Ruskie without issue — but the reason he lives (lived) off in the distance like he does (did) is because he’s INFECTED.

Not with the black-cloud rogue nanites, necessarily, but with nanites, period. And they’re dangerous buggers! What makes them go rogue? Who knows?

Either Ruskie healed of his own accord, or else the Others found him, and helped heal him with a dose of safe nanites. I think it’s the former — otherwise why would he be treading the jungle by himself?

Now, the good nanites can cure cancer, right? But Ben has cancer! But then, Ben was innoculated against the bad nanites at some point — how else could he have safely tread through the jungle to the Survivors’ beach?

Presumably he got innoculated just before he left the compound; otherwise he wouldn’t have been so surprised by the discovery of the tumor.

In other trivia, why did the world hear that the Oceanic flight was discovered? Because Dharma had to cover up the crash, of course. They have to keep their island a secret. (And not necessarily out of greed or malice — “Them nanites are dangerous,” as they say in Kentucky.) So they dropped some wreckage in the ocean, “found” it, and crews came and found no survivors. Not too hard to do.

What about Penny’s helicopter? Why did it crash?

I dunno, but maybe there are nanites that far out from the island, and who KNOWS what they would do to electronics.

That’s why food gets air-dropped from a great distance, and why they approach via submarine. Those dang nanites!

My other theory is that the Black Cloud is actually Venom, who exploded.


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