My guess on Spider-Man 3’s plot…

Have you seen these trailers? Yeesh! How many villains can they cram into one movie?

(I suppose Ocean’s 13 is going to try to answer that for us.)

So how will they fit Sandman, Venom, AND the Hobgoblin into this film?

I’ll tell you now, using my screenwriting degree, keen grasp of story-structure, and these here tea leaves. If this spoils anything, it’s only because I’m so good at guessing; I have no actual information outside of the trailers we’ve all seen.

We’ll open with an exciting chase scene as cops go after Sandman, who escapes but gets his delightful Sandmanian powers. Then we move on to Peter and Mary Jane’s blissful relationship, and Peter telling Aunt May he’s going to propose.

But oh no! The cops have this Sandman guy on the loose, who was Uncle Ben’s REAL killer. Peter needs to find him.

In the process he meets the Black Goo, and Topher Grace, and probably has his first run-in with Hobgoblin.

Peter’s vengeful heart has left him open to the black goo’s influence, and he gets his new outfit. He goes after Sandman and kills him

J’catch that? No more Sandman, by halfway through the movie! THAT’S how they fit the other two villains in.

While he is Black Spidey, he has a run-in with Hobgoblin, and nearly kills him, but stops himself, realizing that the power and vengeance has darkened his soul.

He has to get rid of the suit if he’s going to save his own soul. He does, but it ends up in the hands — or ON the hands — of Topher Grace, who has been slighted by Spidey. Topher becomes Venom.

And then we have a big final fight scene where Hobby and Spidey work together to defeat Venom, Hobby having overcome his own lust for vengeance.

Oh, and throughout, there’s some stuff with Mary Jane. I dunno. They have relationship trouble and get back together.


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