My Grand Unified Theory of Lost: Nanites!

If you’re not a Lost-watcher, then you won’t understand a thing I’m saying. Skip this entry so I don’t need to give you back your time.

So, yeah. Nanites. It pretty much says everything.

Some mysteries on the show:

  • Locke’s spinal injury was healed.
  • Things like Kate’s horse, Jack’s dad, Eko’s brother, and even Walt keep appearing.
  • There’s a big black cloud that can pick a person up and smash him around; it probably also grabbed the pilot from the cockpit in the first episode.
  • The Others wanted to innoculate Aaron, Clair’s baby.
  • The original hatch was marked “Quarantine”, on the inside going out.
  • Ben says there’s a box that whatever you imagine appears inside.

No matter the relationship between the Dharma Initiative and the Others (the show would have us believe that they’re not the same group), the real mystery is the supernatural stuff. And nanites answer pretty much all the questions.

Nanites are everywhere on the island. And the nanites are attuned to our minds.
They favored Locke at the crash site and healed his spine — they’re pretty fast workers.
They can take the form of whatever they need to.
There are some particularly rogue nanites in the form of the big black cloud.
Because of their unpredictability, though, the Others play it safe and get innoculated or wear gas masks.
So Jack saw his Dad. Eko saw his brother. Everybody saw Walt. Maybe the polar bears were legitimate bears the Others had in their Others cages, but that was on a different island, so they’d need to have been brought across to this island and released. So maybe the bears are more nanite manifestations, too.

And here’s the clincher! The writers want to keep this answer a secret, because this answer is kinda lame.

I don’t know why I keep watching. I think I’m gonna finish this season and call it quits.

That’s certainly what I’m doing with Prison Break.


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