The title says it all: “Half-Sabbath”.

It’s the solution to the What-To-Do-On-Sunday dilemma! As we all are aware, the number of appropriate Sabbath Day activities is far outweighed by the amount of time we have on that day. “I wish Sundays were longer” is not a phrase ever heard by the strict Sabbath Day observer; we’re admonished to not seek entertainment, to not shop, to not work… for those of us whose lives are readily divided between “work” and “play”, there’s little left to do.

Oh, sure, you can do the Lord’s work. But honestly, how much is there to do? And how long can you read scriptures or other worthy books in a day? How much geneaology can you research? How many sick can you visit?

Enter my solution: the Half-Sabbath!

Attend Church, get in another few hours of family time and scripture study, then return to whatever activity you were avoiding. Play video games! Work on your side business! Watch the Superbowl!

If you vote for me for General Authority, you can get all this freedom and more! That’s my promise to you. Make the Lord’s Day an exercise in serious worship, for at least 6 hours. Show your true devotion for a full half-day, then relax and give yourself a more playful Day of Rest.

[Paid for by the R. Stone Tayler for General Authority Commission.]


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