An Idea

So, I registered this week. Here’s the idea:

1. A single location where you can get your locale’s candidates\’ stances. You’d have a link for each candidate — and

2. A forum where you can see candidates\’ rebuttals to each others\’ stances. Or, heaven forbid, agreements.

3. A way to fight brand-name style campaigning. I hate campaign signs in yards with no URLs – just NAME IN BIG LETTERS! Yes, brand-name recognition works at the voting booth, but no, we shouldn’t be doing it. How does this site fight it? By putting up freakin\’ BILLBOARDS with the URLs of each candidate. “LEARN ABOUT YOUR CANDIDATES”, then the URLs for each one.

4. A way for me to make money. Charge the politicians for their accounts on the site. It starts small, but eventually reaches out to every single race in the country, and each candidate/campaign pays in… ka-CHING! I’m a jillionaire who helped further dialogue in democracy.

But first, I need to get back to solving world hunger.