Idea for diet sites: prices of foods resisted

So, had this idea this morning. It’d be a pretty big undertaking, but its potential for helping the hungry seems real. How feasible would this be?

What if you could track foods you *didn’t* eat, and their price? Then, at the end of the month, say, you get a button that lets you click to donate the amount you saved to the IRC or some other reputable charity. So, along with breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks, you have a category called “resisted”, which tracks prices as well as calories.

The more junk foods you resist, the more you’re donating to help the hungry. So when you look at an Oreo, you see the hungry people you could help by not eating it. Maybe it only adds up to $5 or $10 a month, but maybe it’s more. Maybe you get to choose an actual amount you want to donate.

Free Book to Support Dave Farland/Wolverton

I just got a surprise from my accountant – my tax return is double what it was last year. In celebration, and to better aid Dave Wolverton, whose son remains in a coma after a terrible accident, I’m going to give 10 Kindle copies of Dave’s NIGHTINGALE to the first people to claim one in the comments here. I need your email address you log in to Amazon with. You can email me directly, or leave it right in the comments below, but you definitely need to stake your claim in the comments so folks know when we’ve reached 10.

For more info on Dave’s situation, you can go to, or visit Larry Correia’s page on yesterday’s book bomb.

Your email address can be sneaky-crypted if you like, such as “randy at randytayler dot com”, but I should warn you that a) the email harvesters aren’t stupid, and b) they probably already have your email anyway.

(Why don’t I just buy 10 physical copies, you ask? Good question! Because we’re specifically trying to get the Kindle version up in the ranks at Amazon, and with only one Amazon account of my own, I have to buy gift copies for specific individuals. You among them. If you’re one of the first 10.)