Why You Shouldn’t Hire Me As an Extra

In 2003-4 I worked as an extra on a few shows. Here’s how I know the blur in the photo below is me: I’m wearing a bright red shirt to a Dodgers game instead of blue-and-white, and instead of watching the game I’m staring at the actors.

“I wonder what the story is in this episode. What is he saying down there? I’ve never heard of this show, but it has to beat baseball.”

Makin\’ Some Spanish Sites

So, I had this weird urge to make a Spanish version of GhostSingles.com, so I spent most of my Saturday building Fantasmas-solteros.com. I’m pretty sure about half of the translation is bad, but I’m pretty lazy.

Then, I looked at my AdSense revenue (Google ads I have on my various websites), and saw that APrimeNumber.com actually generates the most money.

So I made a Spanish version of that, too. Welcome to the world, Un Numero Primo. May you bring me many pennies.