New Site Almost Done

Hey hey! Look at my new site! I think this is an improvement over the last crap I had, though if that weird rose-machine picture doesn’t do it for you, you’ll get pretty sick of this place pretty fast.

I created that picture in Blender, using a flower model somebody else created, then making a bunch of machine-looking stuff. It has a significance to me, but Rebecca doesn’t care for it. Still, I like it, so it stays up for now.

Soon I’ll be posting my review of EARTH UNAWARE, the Ender’s Game prequel by my friend Aaron Johnston. It’s a blast, but it doesn’t complete the story of the first Formic war, which made me sad. I wish it had been twice as long. Or thrice.

Old comments on blog posts are visible, but you can’t leave new comments yet. That’s next, and it’s a pretty low priority to me. For those who are curious, I built this blog engine using WordPress’s database, but none of their code, because I just couldn’t get it to jive with the other stuff I wanted to do here. Instead I reinvented the wheel.